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Who wants Grey when you can have tartan? Fated is a STAND ALONE, romantic comedy, with a little spice thrown in! Meg is certain it’s her fate to be single forever, and makes peace with that. Nothing like the heroines in the novels she devours, she escapes a difficult relationship, and moves from Virginia to Scotland, destined to live out her life as a bookworm, happy but alone…Until she meets Kade, an attractive, witty carpenter, hired to renovate her decrepit little cottage, and turn it into a bookstore. His charms are hard to resist, but Meg is jaded, not ready to fall in love again.Searching through a crate of old books, she chances upon an old diary, penned by Katherine, a young woman from the 60’s. Meg immerses herself into her heartfelt story, intrigued by an idyllic world, where romance was innocent, men were chivalrous, and times were simpler. Unbeknownst to Meg, their stories are strangely connected, fated. Will she unwrap the mystery that binds them, and realign the stars? And then there’s Kade; hot, handsome, and off-limits. Is he destined to be her soulmate, or will history repeat itself? Will she open her heart, or surrender her happy ending?“A sexy, modern, Highland romance….with a twist!”