205 ($32) Playing Cards - Happily Ever After Playing Cards

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Handmade cards.

Three on a Tree Top: My "Happily Ever After Deck" of playable cards! This deck features 54 of my unique illustrations all based on and inspired by fairy tales, fables and iconic stories. From Cinderella to Moby Dick, from Peter Pan to the Jungle Book, from The Red Shoes to Aladdin. You name it, it's probably in the deck! All of the stories depicted are in the public domain and the pieces represented are my interpretations of the original tales. See if you can guess them all, but there is a QR code on the box that links to an index and relevant information. All pieces were illustrated in ink (with the occasional pop of colour) and there is an ornate piece on the back of each card which was also designed and drawn by me. This project was 3 years in the making and I am so happy to finally release it, enjoy!