118 ($22) Face Masks - Adult - 3 Layer with Elastics

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3 layer adult mask

100% organic cotton and polypropylene three layer origami face mask. 

Each mask:

  • Is made from 2 layers of 100% preshrunk (its been washed) cotton. The placement of the patterns on the fabric may vary from that shown
  • 1 inside layer made with 100% woven polypropylene
  • Fits over the ears with soft, adjustable elastic
  • Is machine washable up to 50 degrees C and should be hung to dry

Dimensions: 14.5cm (5.75" long along the centre seam (the part of the mask that runs along the bridge of your nose to under your chin) and 11cm (4.25") long from your nose to your ear. Size is most suitable for teenagers and adults.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - For proper care and wear of a cotton face mask please visit Health Canada for the latest information.