110 ($49) Bracelets - Jasper Labradorite Onyx Lava Quartz

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Labradorite is a rare feldspar named for where it was originally discovered in Canada. It has a stunning iridescence that acts as a protective shield that has been known to protect the aura of the wearer. It also heightens our ability to focus on personal issues without letting external influences affect us, and encourages us to embrace new ideas and opportunities. 

Picture Jasper deepens your connection to the earth. It is a stone that allows you to see the bigger picture. It is full of landscape patterns that are believed to carry messages from ancient civilizations. It is good for the immune system, kidneys and the skin. Emotionally, picture jasper is good for creative visualization and can release fear and deep hidden grief. It brings to the surface hidden feelings of envy, guilt, hatred and love, and thoughts that are often pushed aside, whether they are from the present or past lives. It is a nurturing and protective stone that brings comfort by alleviating fear, anxiety and stress.

Onyx has a calming effect, which can be used to balance the hyper craze or cool down a hot-head. Onyx has been known to provide strength and support in times of mental or physical stress as well as instil self-confidence to it's wearer.

Lava rock is one of the oldest and most abundant minerals on earth, it is a very grounding rock, and deepens our connection to mother nature. It provides strength and courage to those who wear it, and provides guidance and understanding in situations where we may need to "bounce back". A calming stone, it is very useful in dissipating anger. You can put essential oils on them. 
Clear quartz is a stone that really does it all. It invigorates and energizes the mind and body making one feel good in all regards. Great for ear infections, hearing, tinnitus and balance. It’s also fantastic for the spine and nervous system and those with multiple sclerosis and can also help with blood sugar levels, aka great for diabetes and anemia. Clear quartz can be beneficial for any pain or discomfort anywhere in the body and is excellent for mental and emotional clarity and focus. If you need to centre on a specific task, this clear stone will help clear your mind so that you can maintain concentration and laser focus. It’s also an excellent crystal for positivity and clearing out any negativity or stagnant energy. If you have trouble with negative belief patterns, it purifies these thoughts to bring in positive self-talk.