022 ($15) Face Mask - Kid - Reversible

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Reversible Masks are made with 3/8” elastic, 3 layers of cotton and washable.

Masks are suitable for kids 4 to 6 years old depending how big the child’s head is. Older kids can wear an adult size and simply tie a knot in the elastic if they want to adjust the length. 

Instructions: Pull the mask over your head and adjust to fit snuggly. The lower elastic will be looser than the upper elastic. You can tighten/adjust the length if desired. To tighten - tie a knot in the elastic to adjust the length. The mask is reversible – can be worn with either colour/ fabric to the outside. 

Product Care: Machine wash and dry on medium heat setting or hang to dry. Reshape and press with hot iron if desired. Do not bleach.

This mask is not intended for medical use.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION - For proper care and wear of your cotton face mask please visit Health Canada for the latest information.