015 ($20) Hydrating Oats Bath

015 ($20) Hydrating Oats Bath

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This ultra hydrating, bath soak is great for babies with problem skin (eczema), or simply suffering from an acute skin condition such as diaper rash, chickenpox, HFMD.. any rash really! The oats help sooth, moisturize, and relieve itch, while the sodium bicarbonate restores the skins PH.. again, relieving that pesky itch! Calendula is known for helping reduce inflammation, pain, and aids in healing. Lavender Essential Oil can prevent bacterial infection, and aids in scar-free healing! Oh, and it smells amazing...

Simply empty one baggie into the cotton bag and tie up tight. Drop the whole thing into the bath and let the ingredients work their magic!  For small baths, use only part of the bag.
After bath, squeeze out all excess water, discard of remaining ingredients. rinse cotton bag and let dry for the next time!


**Please be sure to test on small patch of skin before using. (put a pinch of ingredients in water and dab on baby's skin) Leave on at least 15 minutes before proceeding.  Even all natural products can cause reactions in some people because of skin sensitivites/allergies. Thank-You