000 ($25) Virgin Mady Maple Syrup - Bottles

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This tasting set includes four 50 ml bottles of the finest specialty syrups: Smoked and infused with hot peppers syrup, Tennessee whiskey barrel syrup aged for 12 months, cold-smoked syrup, and coffee-infused syrup. This tasting set is an opportunity to discover a wonderful universe of maple flavours to share with family and friends. Offer this original and exceptional culinary experience as a gift!

Give your meals some personality with our newest product. Our maple syrup is slowly and carefully cold smoked with our wood chips and then infused with hot peppers locally sourced. The result is a warm and smoky flavour glorified by a taste of Caramel. An absolute must for BBQ and Spicy food enthusiasts.
How to Use: Add a dash to your tartars, use it in your marinades or in your dressings. It will be perfect in your vegetable stir-fry and general tao. Drizzle over ribs and other meats for BBQ. For an amazing finish, add a splash to your favourite whisky or mocktail.

An exalting new addition to our lineup! Available in limited quantity, our 12-month Tennessee whiskey barrel-aged maple syrup will transport you to gastronomy heaven! It is of course alcohol-free. With its bold, robust, and complex notes, this delightful syrup will be a blessed addition to your culinary experiences!
How to Use: Thanks to its complex flavours, our 12-month aged maple syrup will boost your savoury or sweet dishes as well as your cocktails! It strikes the perfect balance between notes of maple, oak, vanilla, hazelnut, and caramel. Add a drop to your cheese platters, use it on your tomahawk steaks before grilling them Mady-style. It’s also the perfect pairing to your smoked fish and seafood dishes. To enjoy a taste of paradise, use it on a scoop of vanilla ice cream. It is the perfect ingredient to revive all your traditional recipes!

The newest addition, this precious maple syrup is slowly cold smoked with our cherished smoking chips! A unique, surprising, and simply heavenly liquid. The smoked oak and whiskey flavours are subtle and do not overpower the maple. It’s bound to please both the most discerning epicureans and anyone who loves original flavours. Its sophisticated taste will definitely be a crowd-pleaser!
How to Use: For an appetizer, bless your beef carpaccio with a drop of smoked maple syrup. Use it as a dipping sauce for your fried chicken and chicken wings. Baptize all your favourites condiments with its sweet and smoky flavour. Reinvent mayo, mustard, and your homemade BBQ sauce! This unique maple product will add an incredible taste to your recipes!

A unique product in Canada which is already the talk of the town! We’ve selected the best organic and fair trade coffee beans to match the complexity of our maple syrup. They are then roasted not far from our sugar shack. A slow infusion creates a perfect balance that will appeal to all coffee and mocha lovers!
How to Use: Simple to use, add a drop of this wonderful syrup to just about any dessert! Vanilla, chocolate or cheesecakes, crème brûlée or ice cream. Flavour your whipped creams and sabayons or reinvent your tiramisu! Macerate your favourite fruits and bless your coffee pancakes. Give it a try and amaze your guests!
Ingredients: Organic maple syrup and Organic coffee.