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Handcrafted luxurious cold process soap collection using the purest raw materials we can source - inspired by nature.

Many materials are sourced from local hobby farms, Canadian suppliers and other artisan crafters at every opportunity.

Every effort is made to reduce a carbon footprint by using mindful packaging, sourcing ethically traded goods and never importing controversial materials that are linked to habitat decimation, such as palm oil.

Pure and simple.

Net Wt. 4oz



The Old Fashioned - warm golden tones using natural clays & plant based colourants. The scent is a blend a warm & spicy base with a slight twist of sweet orange and a classic orange garnish?

Apple Crispinfused with skin-loving colloidal oats for gentle exfoliation and given it a warm and earthy scent with a hint of spice. Garnished with an apple slice.

Candy Caneclassic holiday staple, offers an elegant swirl pattern and contrast of natural colours. Scent has sweet & spicy top notes and crisp, refreshing base notes.

Coquito Eggnog - liquid base is completely crafted with full fat coconut milk lending it a rich, cream-like lather. Infused with Rhassoul clay and fine, locally-sourced coffee grounds for a gentle exfoliation. Scent is reminiscent of warm, sweet & spicy eggnog.