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Bubble Whoosh is a skin friendly, moisturizing foaming bath powder, packed with ingredients known for their beneficial effect on the skin. Just one heaped tablespoon creates a lather-rich bubble bath all plant-based, vegan and gluten-free. Chemical Free. Non Toxic. GMO-Free. Presented in recyclable, resealable Stand Up Pouch.
Made in Vancouver Canada.

Passion Fruit is a passion fruit & berry scented and purple coloured moisturizing foaming bath powder. The product appears pale violet in the bag but turns a vivid purple colour once in water.

Aqua Marine Aqua coloured and Tropical Fruit scented moisturizing bubble bath powder. 

Clear Hypo-allergenic, eczema-safe moisturizing bubble bath powder. 

Lime coloured and scented moisturizing bubble bath powder. 

Plum Blue coloured and plum scented moisturizing bubble bath powder. 

Raspberry Fuchsia coloured and Raspberry scented moisturizing bubble bath powder.