085 Red Canoe



Made in Canada.

In 1999 Red Canoe was conceived in a bush plane over the pristine wilderness of Northern Ontario.

The imagery, romance and heritage of the unique lifestyle this form of travel represents are hard to express. Those that live it carry forward a tradition of the Canadian pioneers who pushed the limits of possibility in the face of all the adversity our rugged landscape could muster.

A Red Canoe could be thought of as the Great, Great Grandfather of the DHC-2 Beaver and the ultimate symbol of pure, simple, idyllic, rugged, hard working Canadian lifestyle. And so the company name was born.

We delved further into Canadian stories and worked to include icons like the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF), Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), CP Railway and many others. We hoped to share their histories and find ways to support and preserve their respective traditions and legacies.