034 ($40) French Rolling Pins

034 ($40) French Rolling Pins

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Solid hardwood rolling pin for biscuits, pastry, cookies and more!

These types of rolling pins are lightweight, easy to use, and unlike some heavier marble versions, they won't leave a line down your dough regardless of how large to roll a circle.

Handmade on a wood lathe with solid cherry, approximately 20" long and 1 3/4" diameter.

A soak of all-natural hemp oil has been applied to bring out the rich wood tones, and prevent drying.

Care: Wash by hand with soap and warm water. Dry thoroughly. Do not Soak. Not dishwasher safe. Periodically coat with mineral oil, or board butter.

Spoons should be hand washed with soap, (NOT immersed in water!) and dried immediately.

A regular application of oil will keep them from drying out and splitting.  

A minimum of once a month (depending upon the use and household conditions), apply an even coat of Oil to all surfaces using a cloth or paper towel. Allow the oil to fully penetrate through the wood fibres overnight, then wipe off any excess oil. Apply additional oil to any visible dry spots.  

Hemp Oil is a wonderful oil for this purpose, completely plant based. Mineral oil can be used as well, found in any drug store. Be careful with vegetable oil, as most can go rancid with time.

You can also purchase our Board Butter that includes a wax as well as hemp oil to add protection and a satin shine. 

As wood is a natural product it is possible for it to swell and/or shrink with varying temperatures, humidity and care (or neglect), we cannot guarantee any of these circumstances from affecting our wood products.